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Does diet play a role in controlling my diabetes?


Deeksha Khare says

Diet plays a major role in controlling diabetes. 60% people can control their diabetes through diet alone without needing to take medication - that's how important diet is!
 There are 3 perspectives of diet: - Type, Time and Quantity. 
Type of Diet in diabetes should be Low in Carbs, fat and high in fiber and protein. 
Time of Diet helps to keep blood glucose stable; so, go for 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks in a day. Quantity is the key to controlling diabetes. You can eat anything as long as the portion is small. Your dietary practices determine your blood glucose levels. 
There are red light food items - that increase blood glucose levels like simple carbs, fats, refined foods etc. And there are green light food items that help to stabilize your blood glucose levels like vegetables, salads, high fiber foods.  By making wise food choices, you can keep your diabetes under control. 
Eating excess of calories and fat raises your blood glucose levels which can lead to serious long-term complications.
People with diabetes can easily control their blood sugar by making healthy food choices. A healthy diet helps you control your blood sugar level, manage your weight and control risk factors.


Dr Curo says

Eat more vegetables and low carbs