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have been on insulin for 4 yrs. Is it possible for one’s body to correct insulin problem? I am going on 5 days with best readings in 4 yrs without daily shots! I have not changed anything in my normal activities, diet, weight, nor suffered any illness.


Saurav says

First of all, let me state this very strongly that you should never skip your insulin dose without consulting your doctor. You are fortunate or this could have lead to a major problem.

Always consult your diabetologist before taking such decisions. In fact, you should consult your diabetologist right now and tell him/her about this.

Regarding your question – In Type 2 diabetes, some amount of insulin is formed by the pancreas and that might be the cause for normal blood sugar level in your body, However, this can change anytime. Hence, it’s imperative that you should contact your diabetologist immediately.