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My fasting sugar is 98 but my pp sugar is 183. Is it normal?


Deeksha Khare says

Absolutely NOT..This particular condition is related to the insulin release at day time and you may please confirm that this is not happening again and if it happens, you will have to keep a track on your diets and exercise well.Prevention is always better than cure and stay away from Diabetes!! Normal blood sugar levels Fasting blood sugar level: 70-110 mg/dl Postprandial blood sugar level (after 2 hrs of meal): 80-140 mg/dl Blood sugar levels in prediabetics (impaired glucose tolerance) Fasting blood sugar level: 110-125 mg/dl Postprandial blood sugar level: 140-200 mg/dl Blood sugar levels in diabetics Fasting blood sugar level: 126 mg/dl or more Postprandial blood sugar level: 200 mg/dl or more