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My in-laws and my husband have stopped being concerned about my Diabetes, calling it "drama" or "iska to yehi laga rehta hai". Has this happened to anyone and how do you deal with it?


Shachi says

Hello Shanaya, we empathise with your concern. Unfortunately, this happens with quite a lot of people and they find it difficult to deal with it. Many find diabetes a hassle, unable to make their families understand its complications, but this is not the case. With proper lifestyle management, anything is possible and the ‘hassle’ can be turned into a comfortable lifestyle. The main objective you must follow is to be strong willed and mentally calm. People might not understand that diabetics require medical attention as well as a healthy and comfortable environment. The foremost thing you must look into is talking it out and creating awareness. Take your family to the doctor’s and make them understand the implications of diabetes, if not taken care of properly. Once they visit the doctor, they will be convinced and will realize the importance of healthy living, and thus not say that you're projecting drama. It's important to make them realize that sugar levels have to be kept under check. If the sugar levels get altered, be it hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, other medical conditions will follow. This might get a little detrimental to the family environment. They need to be made aware of the fact that having diabetes is far from being a 'drama', it's a disease you have had since a very long time. It requires calm and comforting settings. Therefore it is important that you take utmost care of your lifestyle. Approach your spouse and tell him how you feel. Be vocal about everything and ask politely for help. Buy newspaper articles, magazines, cds, dvds or make your family watch videos on YouTube about diabetes. Visuals always spikes interests and would help in making them understand complications and importance. Though you can’t force them, take everything lightly and keep your mental levels calm. Whatever they say, and whenever they go against you, listen patiently and let it go, no matter how hard it gets. They will realize this on their own. You could also get in touch with diabetes support groups which would help in getting your thoughts and emotions out. Venting out your problems is a must and if you aren't able to do this at home, what better way to be vocal than with people who are also going through what you are. They would uplift your mood and help you better than anyone else. Thus, remember to try convincing, but if unable to, keep your mind strong and don't give in to their harsh statements.