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What are the precautions I should take to avoid diabetes? My parents are diabetic.


Deeksha Khare says

There are two major risk factors to diabetes. Family history of diabetes and your weight. You can't change the first one. You can control the second one. So keep a watch on your body weight and waist size (visceral fat). A rule of thumb is to keep the ratio of waist to hip (WTH) measure below 1.0 and preferably at 0.85–0.9 (for males). On an absolute number, keep the waist size below 36″. Do whatever it takes to keep the WTH ratio at 0.9 and waist size below 35″. If your weight is increasing, assume you are insulin resistant (because of your genes). Prefer to eat low carb than low fat. If possible, avoid all types of refined carbohydrates (maida, sooji or broken wheat, rice, wheat, potato and corn), sugar, fruits and root vegetables. Fruits and grains were the root causes of my pre diabetic condition.

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