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What is ketoacidosis?


Deeksha Khare says

Keto — ketones, acidosis — low pH/acid excess. It is a condition which arises due to the excessive amount of ketones in the blood. Ketones are an alternative for glucose, as source of energy. Commonly happens when the blood does not have enough glucose (sugar) to consume. In this case, chemicals called ketones are used by the body cells. This has a drawback, the reaction is acidic basically, resulting in a low pH, which is dangerous to the body. One example is in diabetics. When their glucose levels fall low (such people are not able to maintain their glucose levels and thus, cannot bring it back up), body starts using ketones but that leads to Diabetic Ketoacidose (DKA) — presenting as sweating, confusion, sighing breathing, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, etc.